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Apr 3

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Mar 17

Mar 9

The power of EMPATHY


A boy went to the pet store to buy a puppy,four of them sitting together priced Rs 5000 each.Then there was one sitting alone in a corner. The boy asked if that was from same litter,if it was for sale and why he was sitting alone.

The store owner replied it was from the same litter,it was deformed and not for sale.

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Feb 24

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Feb 15

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Feb 14
“Taylor Swift is 23 years old and has had at least six high-profile romances that we know about; we can probably safely assume she’s had other paramours out of the public eye. Most of these relationships seem to last less than nine months or so, which I agree seems short; however, celebrity couples have crazy schedules that often keep them apart from each other and strain relationships. Considering that Taylor’s been famous since she was around age 16, is having six-plus boyfriends really that big of a deal? No, it is not — of course she’s a normal woman in her 20s playing the field. I’m quite certain that I had about as many boyfriends as Taylor Swift did by 23, plus a list of hookups a mile long. It’s called being young, experimenting, exploring, and having fun.
The problem is that Taylor Swift — being a celebrity who is open about her person life — does this in public. Only I don’t see that as a “problem.”
The patriarchy divides women into the “good” ones who keep their legs crossed, waiting for a man to scoop them up, and the “bad” ones who open their legs to as many men as they want. Female pop stars are this virgin/whore dichotomy writ large. Katy Perry and Rihanna are “sluts.” Miley Cyrus was a “virgin” until she started acting like a “slut.” Taylor Swift, with her pretty blonde hair, A-line dresses and cute matching purses, is supposed to be a “virgin” and now everyone is freaking out that she’s not playing by the script.”
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Feb 13

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